Michigan Dance Heritage

You may know Michigan Dance Heritage from its two dance camps.

Trillium Twirl is held each spring at the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center in Dowling on the shores of Clear Lake.   MDH Fall Camp is held in mid-September on the shores of Lake Huron at Camp Cavell in Lexington.
Intergenerational jamming at the Trillium Twirl.
The main dance hall overlooks Lake Huron.

Each season, these camps attract over 160 dancers as national and local callers and musicians provide programs, workshops, and interactions for both newcomers and experienced participants. These dance weekends (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon) are complete with meals, lodging, workshops, concerts, and evening dance programs.

Michigan Dance Heritage offers resources in support of music, song, and dance.
Please consider enlisting the help of MDH in organizing an event to bring your community together with traditional music, song, and dance. The map shows the locations of a great number of MDH outreach programs and grants around the State. Below are a few highlights of the accomplishments of MDH in recent years.

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To learn more about Michigan Dance Heritage, please send your questions or comments to MDH President Steve Gold (sgold@me.com).

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